Get To Know the Different Router Bits

It does not matter whether you are using a plunge-base router or a fixed-base router; all wood routers come with a ‘collet’ that allows the woodworkers to use a wide range of bits for doing different kind of jobs. In fact, each of them comes with a specific profile.

Some of the most common bits that you will get to see in the best wood router are:

  • Straight Cutting Dado Bit: This bit helps in creating a square channel in the middle of a piece of wood.
  • Cove Bit: The cove bit helps in providing a rounded concave profile on the edge of the stock.
  • Rabbeting Bit: This bit helps to cut a square dado profile into the edge of a piece of wood.
  • Ogee Bit: It is also known by the name of the Roman Ogee. This bit helps to cut an ornate S-shaped profile into the edge of the stock.
  • Round-over Bit: The round-over bit helps in cutting a rounded profile into the square edge of a piece of wood.

Sometimes, the woodworkers on opening their toolbox get disappointed on seeing their router bits being coated with rust. Nothing can be even worse than this.

Tips To Take Care of Router Bits

In order to take care of your router bits in proper condition and organized is to go for a permanent storage solution. Another solution that is available for the woodworkers is to drill multiple holes in a melamine that can easily fit into the top part of the tool box. By keeping those in the predrilled slot can help in protecting and organizing the bits.

You can also find tips on protecting the router bits from the wood router reviews that are easily available in leading sites and forums. By following the various suggestions you can easily protect the bits.

Well, there are many other bits available in the market that can help you to provide all kinds of different profiles.