Can You Monitor Social Network Usage with Laptop Monitoring Software?

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Monitoring software is basically used for spying on the computer or laptop in which it has been installed. The capabilities of such applications are greatly dependent on the actual software being used. However, the fact remains that they are quite powerful. Most of them do allow you to keep an eye on the browsing activities and habits of the user. On the other hand, you might be wondering whether you can use them for tracking social network usage when you espionner un portable.


The fact is that there are certain spying applications which do give you the ability to monitor social networks. There are a few things that you should know about this feature to get a better understanding of how it works.

Activity Tracker

Applications that can monitor social networks perform the activity just like they do with other websites. You will be able to track how long the person remained on the social network. You might also be able to find out which links have been clicked on the network among other things. All social networks can be tracked this way.

Blocking Capability

Of course, it is certainly possible to get the social networks blocked through the logiciel espion. Once performed, it will no longer possible for the user to access the social network from the computer. In fact, no links leading to the site will be accessible. If the users want to gain access to the social network, they will have to contact the administrator, which, in this case, is you.

Chat Monitoring

Many of these applications let you do more than just track the use of the social network. They might even allow you to monitor the chats which take place through the networks. They are powerful enough to let you see the conversation in its entirety, with messages from all the parties being visible.

Applications such as these and espionnage telephone should be used with care. You may liable to be legal action if they are used improperly.