3 Exciting Places Only Club Penguin Members Can Access

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If you have been playing Club Penguin for a while you must have heard about the several benefits of having a membership for the game. Undeniably, playing the games and quests even from a free account is a lot of fun. But, getting an exclusive membership can give you access to certain places where non-members cannot go and offer several other member-only benefits. If you are wondering whether getting a membership from Club Penguin is a good idea, here are a few places and features that only a Club Penguin free membership holder can enjoy:

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New Parties and Member-Only Parties

When you have a Club Penguin membership, you will gain automatic access to member-only parties and even get to attend new parties every month. These exclusive parties are fun-filled affairs are you will also get to meet several new people who also have memberships. These parties have amazing themes and you can choose which ones which ones you want to attend and which ones you don’t.

Unlock Rooms and New Features

Members can also explore new rooms which have exclusive and exciting features. These rooms only admit members of Club Penguin and it is only them who can explore and have fun with the games and quests in these new rooms. Exclusive rooms are better in all respects and have better chances of you having fun while playing quests and adventures.

Member Only Games and Quests 

There are many mini games and quests that only those with a free Club Penguin membership can play. These games provide better rewards and higher number of free coins on accomplishing goals. Needless to say, these games are also better than those you can play with a free account. Members can also bring their pet puffles on quests and this allows them to win more coins and rewards.